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Hello, dear reader!

I got inspired to share this story with you after my health improved tremendously in the last 6 months. As you may know, I am going through Topical Steroid Withdrawal for 5 and a half years now and my condition was still very bad just half a year ago.

Just before I started writing this I came back from jogging.

Why is that important? I felt the necessity to finally tell you about everything that helped me because I was ecstatic about a newly discovered freedom. I could wear my sports clothes while jogging.

Ha!🤣 Yes. That IS an important thing for me. For most of the last 5 and a half years, I was not able to wear synthetic materials, because my skin was too sensitive. A while ago I could start wearing some of the fabrics besides cotton, but the sports clothes were not one of them. Today I tried it again and – voila! I did not get crazily itchy only few minutes after I started running. And that IS something.


Why am I talking about this? Because I really really got better and I wanna share my experience with you.

The amount of things you are not able to do, wear, eat, work on and experience through the Topical Steroid Withdrawal process is absurd. The fact that your health is shattered to pieces and in many cases you do NOT get the support you would wish for from the medical community, makes it all worse.

I was very lucky to meet a person, who made me believe that it is possible for me to get my health back. He is not just an amazing healer and a homeopath, but as well a person, who really cares and makes you feel that your health and your life counts.


I meet Felix Conradi at the Clairvision intensive in Germany in March this year (Clairvision school being a school of meditation). Just before coronavirus drama started to unleash, I was sitting in a meditation hall with other participants of the course, exploring the spaces of consciousness with meditation and IST regression technique, experiencing amazing inner transformations.

Felix was an MC of the intensive, meaning the person who was leading this course, being one of the people who are leading the Clairvision school today.

I explained my condition to him beforehand and at the course, he immediately started to look for solutions for my skin, which was not in a very good state at the time. I was seeking advice from him in any break we had and reported to him all the changes that were happening with my skin and well-being as a result. I was a bit like a nagging fly, wanting answers😅 – but for a good reason.

There were some changes in my skin in these 2 weeks but improvements, unfortunately, didn’t last long.


We stayed in contact after the intensive and decided to try with some other techniques. Which, as I will share soon enough, changed everything for me.

Maybe some of you noticed my posts in my Facebook group (mostly in Slovenian language) about me searching for something that would help with my sleep. My sleep was a disaster for at least half a year until then (on and off throughout all the 5,5 years of TSW) when I decided to put all my efforts into finding the solution for insomnia in May this year.

I did a research, tried some natural remedies, started changing my sleeping habits, eating more healty food, excercising more etc. NOTHING HELPED!

At the same time, we meet via Skype with Felix to try with homepaty. We had a long interview/chat about my skin, life, emotional and psychological state and anything else important in my life. Considering all that I was prescribed my first homeopatic remedy.


At this point things started to get really interesting.

After 3 days of using homeopathic remedy, my ankles got swollen.

After 5 days I noticed that my skin looked a bit less red.

After one week there were first hints of improvements of sleep.

After two weeks – you won’t believe it😄 – I STARTED SLEEPING! And not just sleeping. I started sleeping ALL THE TIME. When I came home from the job, in the evening, in the middle of the day. My body was exhausted from many years of poor sleep. When homeopathic remedies changed something in my body, my body started to grasp for sleep.

At the same time my period that was 3 weeks late got back, which says a lot about the stress my body was in.

I can say that after 3 weeks of using homeopathic remedies the condition with my skin and my sleeping was at least 25 % better than before.

After 5 weeks I started sweating like crazy – toxins going out of my system. I drank a loot of water. I was super thirsty all the time and as well very hungry. I could just eat and drink and sleep all day long, still being thirsty and hungry all the time.

After 6 weeks some changes happened with my digestion, I was constipated, even though I was drinking a LOT of water and still being thirsty.


After 8 weeks of using homeopathic remedy, we made a pause to see what happens.

… What happened was Herpes infection on my neck just a day after that.🙄 Since that was the third Herpes Zoster infection this year, I already knew what to do. With a heavy heart, I went to the doctors and got antivirals to improve the situation.

Soon after that, we continued with the same homeopathic remedy again, since it proved very useful before. My sleep went back to better and at the same time skin improved so much that I was able to stop using my skin-care products all together!! Until then I had to apply creams 2 – 3 times a day all over my body, every day. And then … I just didn’t need them anymore.😃

And what happened next … a week later (so around week 10 of homeopatic treatment) – in the middle of the night I noticed that I got … the 4th Herpes Infection in this year, the small yellow spots on the other side of my neck as the previous time.😖


This time I didn’t go to the doctors. I wrote to Felix. He immediately replied and suggested to meet on Skype and try something.

He implemented energetic healing, which for me felt like a nice breeze, flow of energy moving in my body. The feeling was very pleasant and after around 30 minutes we said to check the situation in the morning.

When I woke up, I was completely taken aback, because the Herpes started to dry out! The spots were completely dry just a few hours after they appeared. Without antivirals or any other medicine. I didn’t have to go to the doctors and the spots slowly disappeared in the next few days.

Hepres infection starting – before the 1st healing.

Herpes dryed out a few hours after the healing.

Since the healing went so well, we decided to repeat the energetic healing. I can not express with my words, how my life started changing after that. After the first healing on, something drastic started to change inside my body of energy (life force/qi/prana) and my physical body.


Not just the skin, that is with time starting to feel more soft, even silky. But as well the vitality of body, the freedom inside. Everyone who has a skin condition knows the feeling of being trapped in a skin that feels too small and suffocating.

This feeling is starting to change with healings I have with Felix. The technique he is using works on the layer of life force to release blockages and move negative energies out of the clients system.

We had around 7 healings until now and I see direct changes happening after that. Sometimes the first reaction is sweating, more itching, restlessness etc, when some stuff is extracting itself from the organism, like toxins. Then there comes improvement! Below I am adding some pictures of before and after healing condition of the skin.

This change happened in just 3 days – first 3 photos are before the 5th healing with Felix. The last two are one and two days after this healing. I had never had such soft baby-like skin in my life.

All in all, I am much more relaxed, happy, entusiastic and vital in the last two months since we had the first healing done. As well my skin is slowly getting better.

There are still improvements and worsenings, but I would say that I am 1/3 better (on my bad days) and up to 2/3 better (on my good days) than I was before we started with healings.


If you would like to try something new to improve your health, I can not imagine a better option and person to work with, sincerely.

The best thing about all this is, that I know that I can achieve even better health with techniques I am learning in Clairvision school, and with homeopathy and energetic healings. With Felix (and Clairvision school in general) it seems there are NO LIMITS. For me, this means, and believe me, I lost it so many times in this process: hope.

Learn more about Felix and energetic healings.

Thanks for reading!

Hugs until the next time❤️,

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  2. Gabriela marin Reply

    Hola soy de colombia, y he estado en TWS hace dos años, entre ellos los ultimos 2 mees en NMT, con buenos resultados. Leo tu historia y me parece fascinante, pero no entiendo exactamente de que tipo de tratamiento hablas, cual fue tu protocolo homeopatico. Yo tambien estoy con una doctora homeopatica china, con buenos resultados. Yo lleve 20 años de DA crónica.
    Cuéntame mas por favor

    • Maja Šter Reply

      Hello Gabriela! I am very sorry for answering with the delay, this message slipped my attention. So, basically, the treatment protocol with homeopathy was such that we made a long interview about everything important in my life. Then we choosed the homeopathic remedy considering that. My first remedy was Sulfur C30 and I was taking it for 10 weeks or so (I explained more in this blog), two times a day. After some time we changed the remedy, so now I am taking Ferrum Metallicum C30 for some time already. What is your experience with homeopathy? Let me know if you have more questions. But, yes, healings did the biggest shift for me – really huge changes started happening with how I feel, how much energy I have and how my skin is. It is getting softer and softer, quite remarkable to see this after such a long time! <3
      Wishing you all the best,

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